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Raja Bali Ka Garh is an ASI protected monument notified by the name, 'Remains of Ancient Fort or Garh locally known as Raja Bali ka Garh', at a small ...
Ghorakatora Bihar
Remain| Ancient|
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Kumhrar or Kumrahar is the name of an area of Patna, where remains of the ancient city of Pataliputra were excavated. It is located 5 km east of Patna...
Manjhi Bihar
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Chirand is an archaeological site in the Saran district of Bihar, India, situated on the northern bank of the Ganga River. The excavations in Chirand ...
Saran Bihar
Archaeological| SPM
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Kheri Hill, Shahkund in the district of Bhagalpur is situated at a distance of about ten kms. from Sultanganj. Shahkund owes its name to a big tank me...
Bhagalpur Bihar
Site|Archaeological|Kund| SPM
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A small ancient town located approximately 40 km from Bhagalpur in Bihar, India, the ancient site of Vikramsila, once was one of the most important in...
Antichak Bihar
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An ancient stupa, Sujata Garh is believed to be the place where Lord Buddha meditated, following severe penance of fasting before he attained enlighte...
Bodh Gaya Bihar
Site Historic
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The Nalanda Mahavihara site is in the State of Bihar, in north-eastern India. It comprises the archaeological remains of a monastic and scholastic ins...
Ahmadabad Bihar
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